Submission Summary

ID 3304
Title Spectrum
Author James David
Submitter James David
Status new; awaiting editor attention since 2019-08-30 14:27:56

Type blogfic
Advisories some harsh language some graphic violence no graphic sex
Frequency updates weekly

Tagline In a world where masked heroes and costumed criminals have never had powers, the first superhero has appeared to stop the first supervillain

Spectrum is set in an alternative version of earth; In a world where masked vigilantes have worked to take down all manner of caped criminals and evil dowers. In 1994, the last group of heroes vanished from public eye. Nearly twenty years later, in 2016, the first superhero rises to fight the first supervillain.

A blog updated weekly that follows the trials and tribulations of Spectrum, protector of Haverford City and a young man wanting to make his mark on the world.