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ID 3326
Title Elena from Hell
Author Kyshies
Submitter Kysh ies
Status new; awaiting editor attention since 2019-08-16 02:10:02

Type series
Advisories some harsh language some graphic violence no graphic sex
Frequency updates twice weekly


Elena de L'Enfer is a Lich, an eternal, ancient and bloodless fiend. An elven teenager, made eternal by a curse enacted from ancient magics, she is a Vizier, an Archon's servant. One who works in service of the enigmatic (and sometimes whimsical) Archon, the ageless greater hellbourne, the Beholder known as Nhaka Mezalune.

And so she fights as a Vizier of the Eye, pursuing rogue magics and battling all manner of fiends and monsters, be they men, elves or otherwise. It is, after all, the duty of the Eye of Elicia, of any and all of her Viziers. That by their hand, the world of Melodia might live another day, that the Empire of Arcadia might endure.

After all, a Lich's life, eternal as it is, can be very, very expendable.