Submission Summary

ID 3330
Title Fracture: Tales of the Broken Lands
Author Vreasque
Submitter Christopher Abernathy
Status new; awaiting editor attention since 2019-09-05 15:04:04

Type novel
Advisories some harsh language some graphic violence no graphic sex
Frequency updates twice weekly


In Fracture, everything is broken even the people. The landscape is a chaotic amalgamation of broken worlds smashed together by the mysterious force known as the Logos. The Logos maintains and merges these broken lands into a harsh world where only the strong and cunning flourish. However, the denizens of Fracture are not left to the mercy of the land. Each inhabitant is infused with the Logos which bestows upon them the ability to grow stronger by slaying monsters, fulfilling objectives, and collecting coveted Relics.

Jack is a man down on his luck. Five years ago, he woke up in Fracture with no memory of his past. Chased by the powerful, tormented by his failures, and scarred from loss, Jack has fallen into a spiral of self-loathing and paranoia as he dodges his pursuers who seem to know more about him than he does himself. To hide, he takes up a false identity as Atlas, a freelance relic hunter hiding under the noses of those who hunt him. Unfortunately, one day things go south quickly when a routine job turns out to be a lot more trouble than Jack bargained for.