Submission Summary

ID 3343
Title The Roads Unseen
Author AdAstridPerAspera
Submitter Astrid Cureton
Status new; awaiting editor attention since 2019-09-13 15:25:06

Type novel
Advisories some harsh language some graphic violence no graphic sex
Frequency updates twice weekly


Tammy and Teresa Aufrey didn’t have many expectations when their grandfather died. Knickknacks, clutter, and memories filled the house they’d inherited, and they had to get it livable in time for classes to start at Pinecrest College. But when they cleaned out the secret room the will had said was under the stairs, they found something unbelievable . . . Magic. But their first steps into the unseen world were anything but smooth.

Separated by an unfathomable distance, watched by flames and wings and ash-grey eyes, the two delve into magic. One turns to nature, to the Fae, desperate to fix the worst mistake of her life. The other, lost and afraid and powerless, is desperate to survive. With no other choice, she turns to the only power she has . . . Blood.