Submission Summary

ID 3344
Title Tortus Bay
Author Clement Wethers
Submitter Clement Wethers
Status new; awaiting editor attention since 2019-09-15 15:13:19

Type novel
Advisories some harsh language some graphic violence no graphic sex
Frequency updates weekly


Henry Cauville came to the sleepy seaside village of Tortus Bay to start a new life. He came to forget his past. Little could he have known that his arrival would coincide with the death of a beloved community leader, or that said community would be holding a strange festival at the end of the month—about which none of them will speak.

Now, Henry must deal with the repercussions of an unfortunate public misunderstanding while coming to terms with a startling, mystical discovery and what it means for both himself and the world at large.

Welcome to Tortus Bay, where there are no tortoises.